Food doesn’t have to satisfy you.

I said it.
With apologies to all my Foodie Friends.
You are not entitled to be satisfied by your food.

Food does not have to satisfy you, comfort you, love you, or be your friend.

Food has to fuel your body.

You have to satisfy yourself
By creating a satisfying life
By surrounding yourself with people and places and events that satisfy you.
By choosing to be satisfied with what is before you.

Gloria finished dinner on Tuesday night,
but she didn’t love her chicken,
so even though her body was full,
she ate cheese, nuts, crackers
and gained weight.

Aviva is going to be a houseguest this weekend,
but the food they eat doesn’t satisfy her
so she’s anticipating some unconscious overeating.

They were both shocked when I told them the news:
You don’t have to love dinner
You don’t have to be satisfied by their food.
You just have to eat enough food to fuel your body
So you can live loving, satisfying and full lives.

We do live in a very food obsessed culture
And so it seems almost a given that food should be way more than fuel.
And I do understand that our sense are involved in our eating,
But if you are overweight,
It means you’re eating more than your body needs.

And if you fire food from the job of satisfying you emotionally and sensually,
(which it is completely unable to fulfill because it’s just a bunch of molecules on a plate)
You may find that you need much less of it.
You may find yourself reaching out to living objects (including trees and humans) to satisfy your need for love,
and your entire life might feel more satisfying,
Rendering food somewhat irrelevant,
other than gas in your very satisfed tank.