Five steps to a brain renovation!

I did a brain renovation this week!

I literally turned my entire thinking around in order to get what I want.

Did you know that you create all your results in your life with your brain?

What I mean is, we are always creating evidence for what we believe, and so when we want something, we first have to believe we can get it, and then we go about creating it.

Sometimes it seems as if it just happened to us, or someone else gave it to us, but if you trace it back, you will find that you first conceived of it with your brain – by thinking about it and wanting it and believing it was possible.

This week I received a business offer that went beyond my dreams.

If I accepted, it would take my business to the next level, and enable me to exceed my financial goals for this year.

And my first response was to reject it. Well, half of it. I said I could maybe do half.

When I put the phone down, I fully believed that I couldn’t take the offer, because it would require more time than I devote to my business right now, and all my other time is spoken for. I’m healing my son from Crohn’s, which requires me to make every morsel of food he eats from scratch, and I am a very involved mother of four kids, who eat a lot and mess a lot! I also work out, bond regularly with family and friends, and dedicate time to learning and study each week.

A full and wonderful life with very few blank spaces on my calendar.

But at the same time, I have a goal to meet this year, and it’s a big one….

My brain, in it’s current state, was not able to see how to do all this, so it caused me to say no to the offer that would make my business dreams come true.

Makes no sense, right?

I see it with my weight loss clients. They find a protocol that has them losing weight and feeling energetic, and then their brain, in it’s current state, starts to object and protest. They question the validity of the science I present, worry about their protocol, and refuse to believe it could be a permanent solution, even though they desperately want it to be.

All that’s needed is a brain renovation.

Our beliefs are strong connections in our brain, and the problem is, we think they are facts and truths, so we keep operating within them.

My belief was that I can’t devote more hours to my business than I do, and I thought it was true.

Until I woke up the next morning. and I realized that although all my son’s food has to be made in my kitchen, it doesn’t have to be me who makes it.

And that, my friends, was the small brain renovation that led to a very different outcome for me.

My twice a week housekeeper walked in shortly after, I offered her another two days, she beamed, we hugged, I accepted the business offer, and I am well on my way to exceeding my business goal.

You can renovate your brain too, and it can be way less painful than a home renovation.

All it takes is a willingness to be wrong.

1. Think about something you really want, and list all the reasons you can’t have it.

2. Look at your list with a sceptical eye.

3. Notice how all your reasons are simply thoughts and beliefs.

4. Find where and how you are wrong.

5. Demolish  and update the wrong bits,

and you’ll suddenly see your way to achieving YOUR dream!