Stop looking outside yourself – you are already complete

I’m BACK from My Bearable Lightness of Being retreat in Bodega Bay!

It was MAGICAL – five very fun, rowdy and unmanageable women who taught me more than I taught them! I fell madly in love with every one of them, and we all fell in love with us as a group.

Theresa messaged me after to suggest that I should offer a follow-up program in order to ‘monetize my retreats’. She attached a link to a free webinar that would teach me how to do just that – if I signed up for the paid program the free webinar would be selling, I’m sure.

I love her so much for looking out for me.

I thanked her and told her that I offer my retreats with love and get so much from them, and that it’s never felt good to me to sell one program with the intention of getting you to buy another one after that. I know it’s what they teach in all selling programs, but it feels ick to me so I don’t do it.

My intention is to sell a program, deliver ten times more value than you paid, and give you everything I’ve got during that program.

If you want more after, I’ll always accommodate your desire for more personal growth and development, of course 😉

The reason I’m telling you this is that many entrepreneurs spend more time studying how other entrepreneurs do it than creating and building their own business.

Likewise, many of my weight loss clients spend more time studying different weight loss programs than preparing nourishing foods.

In both cases, this creates separation from their own intuition about how to achieve their goal in a way that’s in line with their uniqueness.

Because marketing is done online these days, and often poses as posts within our social media feeds, we have no protection.

If people were constantly knocking on our front door and offering us free programs to ‘monetize our retreats’ or ‘lose 10lbs of fat in 10 days’, we’d stop opening the door, or, if we were polite, we’d open it and say ‘no thank you’.

When was the last time you said YES to an unsolicited phone marketing call? If you even answered?

But if it appears on our screen, and it’s shiny and full of promises, we believe it. Even if it doesn’t resonate with our intuition.

I have a suggestion for you.

Fair warning: it’s going to sound extreme. But you can always go backwards.

Unsubscribe from every newsletter and blog. Now. Except this one of course.

Here’s why – your inner wisdom is subtle – it speaks to you softly, and if you’re busy with loud, bossy ads and posts and videos, it’s message will be drowned out.

And you won’t hear the inner knowing telling you ‘yes, do this’ or ‘no, that feels wrong for us’.

You can still research – it’s all available to you via Google whenever you want specific information related to your project.

This way you will be the driver – you’ll decide how you want to lose weight, or the energy you want to bring to your retreat, and  then you can seek out the information that guides you to your goal.

Your way.

I did this a year ago and I have never looked back. Even the ones I loved.

My business has exploded since I took charge of what information is on my screen (and in my head), and I’ve found that my inner wisdom speaks a bit more loudly these days.

It’s crazy – I’ll say to myself ‘my coaching is getting a bit stale – I need an injection’, and a few days later I’ll get an offer that provides me with daily coaching inspiration, while paying me!

Or ‘I’m interested in corporate opportunities’ and within a month I bump into two personal connections who are heading companies that would benefit from my expertise.

I don’t think that any of the business newsletters or blogs I used to follow would have led me to this – I don’t even think I would have noticed the opportunities being offered to me, because my head would have been filled with all the ways that someone else, who doesn’t even know me, told me what I should be doing to grow my business.

Similarly, my clients who don’t read anything about weight loss, and just follow my recommendations, are not only losing crazy amounts of weight, they’ve stopped even thinking about their weight or their food. Which is exactly my goal for them.

Where in your life are you allowing bossy, noisy online voices, who don’t even know you, to drown out your inner voice?

Unsubscribe today.

But not to me. I’m not bossy am I? Don’t ask my friends or family OK. Well, I’m not bossy online. I don’t think….