There’s nowhere else I’d rather be

When you read this, I’ll be on a plane to Halifax, Nova Scotia –

My hubby and I are going to bike for two days on an old railroad track by the ocean – no cars! – and then we’re going to visit our youngest daughter at her camp.

You may be thinking that it’s easy for me to tell you that there’s nowhere else on earth I’d rather be right now.

But I choose this thought ALWAYS.

No matter what is happening, I can always find it.

Initially, it was a conscious decision to think this and find it, but now it just burbles up in me, and I am always EXACTLY where I want to be.

I’m not saying I always find myself where I planned to be – for example, this morning I was doing some returns and it was taking much longer than I thought it would because the cashier was new. I’m not proud that I didn’t choose to be kind and gracious, or that I didn’t pay attention to my friend who walked in because I allowed myself to get impatient, but I knew that there was nowhere else on earth I’d rather be because it showed me where my work is.

Would I rather have been on the bike trail this morning?


If I wanted to be there already, I would be.

This is crucial – in order to believe that there is nowhere else you’d rather be, you have to believe that you only do what you want to do.

You may protest as, Diandra did yesterday, during our coaching session –

I don’t want to make my kids lunch every day.

Of course you do – otherwise you wouldn’t.

But then they’d be hungry at school, and the school would call me, and they’d be miserable when they got home.

Aah. So you do want to make their lunch because you like picking up happy kids and you prefer days when the school doesn’t call.

Good to know – making lunch is EXACTLY where you want to be every morning.

I know that you can give me many reasons you don’t want to be where you are –

work’s a drag

sitting in a car that isn’t moving on a busy road sucks

my husband is yelling at me and it’s hurting my head

I’ve heard all of these, and I’ve thought a few of them too  (thankfully my husband doesn’t yell).

I hear you.

And I know it’s easy to find this,

and you’d love to convince me about all of it.


Thinking this way doesn’t feel good, does it?

I just want to tell you that it’s a choice.

I’m not suggesting that you paper over your complaints with pretty “life is wonderful and perfect” thoughts.

Those never work, unless we believe them.

I am recommending that you really commit to truly FINDING how you are always exactly where you want to be in every moment.

I want to be at work because I love earning my own money.

I want to be in this car on the way to dinner with my friends.

I want to be in my home with my husband who I love and who loves me when things are hard and good and all of it in between – if I didn’t want to be here I wouldn’t.

Sometimes it’s hard to look, because we discover that we want to be here because we are afraid of leaving.

That’s challenging.

But so good to find.

Now you know where your work is.

And I can help you figure it all out – I have one spot opening for private coaching this August. Schedule a phone call with me to find out if it’s yours.