I’m  a Master Certified Weight-Life Coach who wants to help you make your  life SPECTACULAR and your food boring!

Bev Aron Weight Loss Coach“Hey you.
Yes, you.
I know you.
I am you.
I lived an external life that looked pretty fabulous.
Loved and loving husband.
Kids I adore.
Lucrative career with lots of independence.
Time for spiritual development, or whatever else I chose to do with it.
Smiling a lot, friends, extended family, connections, laughing a lot.
And always  ,always
thinking, worrying, obsessing, about my weight, my size, my body,
my out of control bingeing.

Wondering, reading, thinking, talking

about why I was STILL doing this
after all these years
when life was so good.

I’d read enough, and had enough insight to know, already, that diets don’t work.

I ditched the diets and the scale years ago.
Fancying myself to be spiritually evolved, I called them ‘cleanses’ now.
Talked all about detoxification and food combining.
But I had no idea what to do.

I pretended that I wasn’t preoccupied with my weight.

Never talked much about it.
Even my sister, who I shared a bedroom with for many years, had no idea
about the secret binges
the shame
the hidden food
the shame.

I was so tired of this war inside my head.

Used to fantasize about creating world peace, ending hunger
with all the mental energy I would free if I could ever be free of this war.
Eventually, through lots of searching and experimenting,

I learned how to think like a thin person

that’s all I had to do!

I connected to my body

I learned the difference between emotional and physical hunger

I stopped being scared of food

And I learned that a feeling is just a feeling caused by a thought

And I can choose my feelings by choosing my thoughts.

It’s freedom.

I shed 60 pounds
and hundreds of years of mistaken beliefs and thoughts
that were weighing me down much more than my excess weight.

People noticed the changes in me.

Not just the physical changes, but my lightness of being.
So I started sharing what I discovered.
For some, it was like a click.
An inner, knowing, click.
And I watched their transformation as I taught them the simple tools that changed my life.

And this is why I became a weight loss coach.

I’m here to help you overcome your emotional eating.

I’m here to show you how to experience the magic of learning to trust your body.

Please stay a while, subscribe to my blogs, check out my my classescoaching packages,

learn more about my journey.

I’m hoping you’ll feel an internal click,
a possibility of help for you on your journey,
hope for the reality you’re dreaming about.

Where you feel at home in your body,

food is just food

being truly kind to yourself (the way we’re kind to people we really love a lot) is your new normal

and your usual mental state is free, hopeful and in your control

now that the inner war is finally over.


If you’re like me, and you like to get to know someone  before you contact them (hello Google!), my blog is authentically me – my clients who hire me will tell me that my blog posts spoke to their very soul and that’s how they knew I was their coach – here’s my latest post

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xoxo bev