The power of consistent practice

I used to think that consistent practice was boring.

I liked the excitement of learning new things, adopting new practices, and then…

learning newer things and adopting new new practices.

It made for a lot of learning, but not many new habits or longterm changes.

I was always more or less in the same place, struggling with the same issues, albeit in new ways.

And I masked my disappointment with… shiny new things.

I don’t do that anymore.

I’m fortunate that my work invites me into the minds of highly successful women, and I often learn as much from them as they do from me.

Losing weight is hard.

Losing a lot of weight, as my clients do, takes daily, consistent practice – staying aware, planning your food, recording everything you eat and drink, exploring and learning from the times you don’t, weighing and recording your weight, monitoring your thoughts and feelings….

And more of the same the next day.

At the same time, it requires them to limit what they often regard as a primary source of comfort and excitement – food.

Over the last year, I have had the privilege of coaching two women who don’t give up on themselves, and have achieved so much, only because they have remained consistent in their practice for long periods, with little visible results.

Martha stuck to her protocol for an entire month, without losing a pound. She’d already lost 15lbs, and these last 10 were not moving without a fight. She was up for it. She knows that sometimes you put in a lot of effort before you see results – she’s an executive in a large organization and she’s done it many times in this arena.

Her daily practice is paying off – now she’s losing a pound a week, and will reach her goal weight soon.

Lisa keeps overeating when she gets stressed. She runs a busy law firm, and her daily practice, for years, has been to eat her stress with doughnuts and cookies and grabbed fast food for lunch and dinner. She still does it, often, and every time she shows up for coaching and is figuring out how she is going to show up for herself consistently.

She hasn’t given up on herself. She knows what it’s like to do the work when she would rather stay home with her daughter.  But she wakes up every day for her clients, and every day she posts a report for me.

Whether she’s stuck to her protocol or not, she is up for her daily practice of coaching, examination, and reporting. She will reach her goal weight for sure.

Over the past few months, inspired by my clients, I have adopted daily practices that are small, and sustaining.

I say a morning prayer before I get out of bed. It settles me instantly in a way I could never achieve with meditation. It reminds me who I am, where I belong and where my connections are.

I don’t eat before 2pm. This is non-negotiable. No matter what is going on, or where I am. If I want to, I gently notice my desire, and remind myself that I don’t do that anymore. And I feel calm and centred.  Like there’s nothing I can’t do.

Small practices, that add up.

I’m done with shiny new extravagant practices that I get bored of.

I’m so much more settled with consistent, daily practices that are barely a topic of conversation with anyone but myself, and are building on each other to help me live my life consciously and connectedly.

Why don’t you pick one small thing, that you want to do, and that feels much smaller than you could do, and commit to that. Don’t pick it if there is any doubt in your mind that you may not do it. Start building a reservoir of evidence that you are a person who does what you say you will do – for you.

P.S. Our call with Kara Rasmussen was a huge success. We want everyone to know how possible it is to save for a BMW if you follow her system, so I’m sending you all the link to her class. Enjoy it and if you’re interested in learning more and working with Kara, email her at, email


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The Four Financial Food Groups

Money and food – so many parallels in my corner of the world…

Women who struggle with overeating often express concerns about their ability to handle money, no matter how much they have or make.

That’s why I invited Kara Rasmussen*, a money manager and coach for service business entrepreneurs, to teach us about the Four Financial Food Groups, a brilliant tool for making money simple.

Kara generously offered to teach us a LIVE, FREE class this Monday @2pm EST /11am PST/ 1pm CST – email me here and I’ll send you all the details!

Money and Time are resources that feed all the other elements in our personal and business lives. If we ignore our money, or have negative feelings towards money, it impacts all elements of our lives (home, health, career, family, fun, and spirit).

Often the easiest and fastest way to fix an issue in one of these elements is to sprinkle a little money on top.  If we are unsatisfied with our home; upgrade.  If we are struggling to connect with our family; go on vacation.

Money is the most frequently used resource for improving all the elements in our lives, yet most of us do not know the best ways to protect, honor and secure our finances.

My biggest delight is teaching someone all the steps to authentically achieve Financial Security.  I am crazy lucky to share in the private successes of people who have paid off their $85K in student loans, insured jewelry right before it was stolen, become first-time millionaires, and bravely took the leap to business ownership exceeding their prior salaries.

These success stories use one of the most critical and easiest ways to wrangle and purpose their money; The 4 Bank Account System.  This simple tool has made an instrumental difference in how fast they payoff their student loans to saving an emergency fund to pay for an unexpected brain surgery.

It starts with dividing your paycheck or business distribution into 4 bank accounts:  Machine, Discretionary, Emergency and BWM.

The Machine Account pays for all your fixed and recurring expenses (your mortgage, gym membership, and car insurance) as well as transferring monthly to your other 3 accounts (Discretionary, Emergency, and BMW).  You bring your Machine account down to your minimum balance comfort zone each month and purpose every dollar.

When you have an Emergency (and you will), you pay for the expense with the Emergency account.  The Emergency then does not impact your mortgage payment or your Discretionary spending for the month.

You always know exactly how much Discretionary surplus you have, because it is not mixed-in with fixed household expenses.

The final account, your BMW account, stands for Big Major Wants (like a BMW).  These are things you save-up for each month.  Through your Machine account, you transfer funds each month to the BMW account. When you have saved-up enough to go on vacation, purchase a new car or a down payment on a home, you do it with complete clarity knowing it is not negatively impacting your fixed expenses, your monthly Discretionary, or an Emergency that will come along.

The first step to financial clarity and understanding, is knowing exactly how much money you have to feed the other elements in life (home, health, career, family, fun, and spirit).  If you pay for Discretionary transactions with several credit cards and bank accounts, you will struggle to have clarity.  If you pay for Emergencies with a credit card, or with the same bank account as your mortgage payment, the impact will be unclear.  By purposing your money into 4 bank accounts, you will have completed one of the most powerful and impactful actions in securing your finances.

I love this! Remember to email me if you want to join Kara’s free class just for us this Monday @2pm EST /11am PST/ 1pm CST – email me here and I’ll send you all the details!

*Kara Rasmussen is a money manager and coach for service business entrepreneurs.  She creates positive and lasting financial life changes.  She uses your unique strengths to customize and plan an authentic financially secure future. Please see her website to learn more www.

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Where are you on your priority list?

I had two clients text me at the last minute to reschedule their coaching sessions.

Both involved work “emergencies” that they unthinkingly and reflexively put before their own mental wellbeing.

One had had an ‘urgent meeting’ called during her lunch hour, which she unquestioningly agreed to.

Until she texted me and I offered her the option of telling her director that she had an appointment and couldn’t make the meeting.

The second received an urgent request from her employee who had lost her mother for a phone call because she was crying. Condolences had already been offered, and bereavement leave granted. This request was for emotional support, which my client didn’t want to offer at this moment because she really needed her coaching session.

Yet she unthinkingly and reflexively cancelled me to provide this to her.

Until I offered her the option of considering her own emotional and mental wellbeing as her first priority.

Both clients had fulfilled their responsibilities in their workplace, and I was curious about why they would so easily fail to fulfill their responsibilities to themselves as women who want to live more evolved and fulfilling and conscious lives.

For me, it’s neutral – I don’t gain or lose when a client attends or cancels a session.

Coaching is all about the client – it is their haven in the week when they enter an unconditionally loving space knowing they can be whoever they are and are never judged.

Hiring a coach is an act of extreme self care, and I believe that everyone should do it.

So cancelling is an act of uncaring for yourself – it’s like cancelling your self care.

What’s fascinating to me is that both clients were really upset that they ‘had’ to cancel, but neither even considered that they had a choice.

This led to an interesting discussion about priorities, and I want to offer you this exercise:

List your top 5 priorities in order of importance.

Options include – My physical, emotional, spiritual and mental wellbeing; my family; my finances; my career/business; my community; friends; studying; service; etc.

I recommend that you put yourself at the top, because your wellbeing is required in order to be able to meet all the other priorities.

Then go back to last week’s schedule, and see whether your calendar lines up with your priorities.

Read your emails and texts and see whether your responses reflect your priorities.

For both of my clients, it was an eye-opening exercise.

Work landed as the third priority for one, and fourth for the other.

We got to be very curious about why they had responded to a demand from a lower priority at the expense of their highest priority.

This is why I am such a great believer in coaching – there’s never a right or wrong way to behave – there’s only curiosity and fascination with why we do what we do.

When we’re creating results in our lives that we aren’t happy with, we must find out what our thoughts and beliefs are that lead to us behaving in ways that create these undesirable results.

Neither of my clients knew why they were feeling so unfulfilled and stressed at work.

Which, of course, led to them mindlessly overeating many times a week.

Now they know.

They are taking actions that aren’t in line with what’s truly important to them.

And they didn’t even know.

Now they know, they can decide, consciously, what they want to create in their lives.

It’s not easy to tell a mourning employee they will have to wait an hour to get emotional support from you, especially when you’ve been a people pleaser all your life.

It’s not easy to tell your boss you can’t come to the emergency lunch time appointment, especially when you’ve also been a people pleaser all your life.

By the way, people pleasing and excess weight… Another topic for another day – I have thoughts about this 😉

But evolving into your highest and best self isn’t always easy.

And nor is ignoring your deepest desire to do so.

It’s so worth it.

Far better to honour your desire to meet with your coach, and then, feeling refuelled and authentic, call and offer your heartfelt, resentment-free support to your employee, or to return from your lunchtime coaching session refreshed and energized, catch up on the meeting, and take care of your duties without battling frustration and disappointment.

Everyone wins when you live according to your priorities.

You first.

It’s the opposite of selfish.

It’s the most loving and giving thing you can do for your people and your world.




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There’s nowhere else I’d rather be

When you read this, I’ll be on a plane to Halifax, Nova Scotia –

My hubby and I are going to bike for two days on an old railroad track by the ocean – no cars! – and then we’re going to visit our youngest daughter at her camp.

You may be thinking that it’s easy for me to tell you that there’s nowhere else on earth I’d rather be right now.

But I choose this thought ALWAYS.

No matter what is happening, I can always find it.

Initially, it was a conscious decision to think this and find it, but now it just burbles up in me, and I am always EXACTLY where I want to be.

I’m not saying I always find myself where I planned to be – for example, this morning I was doing some returns and it was taking much longer than I thought it would because the cashier was new. I’m not proud that I didn’t choose to be kind and gracious, or that I didn’t pay attention to my friend who walked in because I allowed myself to get impatient, but I knew that there was nowhere else on earth I’d rather be because it showed me where my work is.

Would I rather have been on the bike trail this morning?


If I wanted to be there already, I would be.

This is crucial – in order to believe that there is nowhere else you’d rather be, you have to believe that you only do what you want to do.

You may protest as, Diandra did yesterday, during our coaching session –

I don’t want to make my kids lunch every day.

Of course you do – otherwise you wouldn’t.

But then they’d be hungry at school, and the school would call me, and they’d be miserable when they got home.

Aah. So you do want to make their lunch because you like picking up happy kids and you prefer days when the school doesn’t call.

Good to know – making lunch is EXACTLY where you want to be every morning.

I know that you can give me many reasons you don’t want to be where you are –

work’s a drag

sitting in a car that isn’t moving on a busy road sucks

my husband is yelling at me and it’s hurting my head

I’ve heard all of these, and I’ve thought a few of them too  (thankfully my husband doesn’t yell).

I hear you.

And I know it’s easy to find this,

and you’d love to convince me about all of it.


Thinking this way doesn’t feel good, does it?

I just want to tell you that it’s a choice.

I’m not suggesting that you paper over your complaints with pretty “life is wonderful and perfect” thoughts.

Those never work, unless we believe them.

I am recommending that you really commit to truly FINDING how you are always exactly where you want to be in every moment.

I want to be at work because I love earning my own money.

I want to be in this car on the way to dinner with my friends.

I want to be in my home with my husband who I love and who loves me when things are hard and good and all of it in between – if I didn’t want to be here I wouldn’t.

Sometimes it’s hard to look, because we discover that we want to be here because we are afraid of leaving.

That’s challenging.

But so good to find.

Now you know where your work is.

And I can help you figure it all out – I have one spot opening for private coaching this August. Schedule a phone call with me to find out if it’s yours.

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What would make overeating boring?

So many women tell me they eat when they’re bored.

They think that I will help them change their thoughts so they aren’t bored.

And that’s one way.

But here’s a way that is much more fun –

Answer this:

What would make your life so exciting that overeating would be boring in comparison?

Let your mind run wild.

Don’t limit your possibilities with practicalities like accessibility, cost etc.

Just list every single activity that you think would be more exciting to you than overeating.


You will learn so much about yourself.

And what your next steps will be.

Please send me your list – I’d love to share in your energy of a life that is so much more fun than overeating!

Here’s mine done very quickly for you – it changes all the time but I make sure to keep it long and current:

Walking in nature
Connecting with people I love
Springboard Pilates – my new obsession
Cuddling and snuggling
Visiting my dad and hearing his views on life and business
Bubble baths
Hiking especially if there’s water
Swimming in seas and lakes

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Reflections on Food as Fuel

If you are an emotional eater, and you want to lose weight permanently,

You must uncouple your emotions from food and eating.

The best way I know to accomplish this is to:

  1. Plan exactly what you will eat  the night before
  2. Eat only that. No matter what.

I get a lot of resistance to this from my private coaching clients.

It’s interesting –  they are successful because they’re skilled at doing this in their professional lives.

But we have this belief that we should be able to eat whatever we want AND be the weight we want to be.

And we all know someone who can.

So…. here it is for you –

If you are overweight, then you can’t.

Janice told me that she doesn’t want to plan ahead because she’s worried that she won’t want to eat whatever she’s planned when it’s time.

That’s not really relevant, if you are recreating food as a source of fuel and self care.

It’s like saying ‘I need to have 7 different flavours and brands of toothpaste in my vanity.

Because I don’t know if I’ll want Colgate tomorrow morning.’

Sounds crazy right?


Because brushing our teeth is a routine act of self care that we do in order to function at the level we want to function in the world.

If you put eating in the same category, then you would eat whatever was the best available fuel source for you.

Which would be more likely to be available if you planned it.

I’m not saying you CAN’T enjoy your food if you want to lose weight.

You can, if you enjoy high quality fuel foods.

But it shouldn’t be your Number One criterion,

because sometimes you are going to have to choose between a fuel food that you don’t love and a food that will sabotage your weight loss goal.

Just like sometimes, if you’re travelling, you may have to choose between brushing your teeth with a brand you don’t like and having bad breath and mossy mouth.

If you don’t think you’re entitled to love the experience, you’re more likely to make the right choice.

Yes, I hear you.

Your friend lost weight by eating foods she loved and deciding in the moment.

I love that she did that, and if it works for you you’re so lucky.

It worked for me too in my early 40’s.

But once you hit perimenopause and beyond, your hormonal changes are going to make success with this strategy unlikely.

So feeling sorry for yourself and arguing with this reality is always available to you of course,

as is maintaining  a strategy that isn’t going to work long term,

Or you can harness the badass you are in your business, plan your meals in advance, eat according to plan,

and heal your body and brain from emotional eating.


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On being tested…

Last week was filled with wonderfulnessfor me.

We celebrated the Bat Mitzvah of our youngest child.

A Bat Mitzvah is a kind of coming of age for a Jewish girl, and it’s a time for celebrating who she is becoming, which in this case was easy to do, as she is an absolute delight in every way.

We wanted to make sure that we planned mindfully, so that it was a meaningful celebration, and a modelling for our children of what we consider to be important in life, which is family, values and community.

One of the ways we do this is to hold our celebrations in our home, which is quite unusual where we live.

Our back garden gloriously backs onto a ravine, we have a big deck overlooking the forest, and a flower filled front yard on a quiet street, so we planned to spread our guests around these three areas, with round tables and lavish silver tablecloths and delicious food.

The caterers would spread their food stations throughout the house and gardens, and we imagined a casual relaxed, informal mingling type of event which would follow the synagogue service, which we required my daughter to lead, as part of teaching her the role we expect her to fulfill as part of her community.

As you can imagine, this involved a lot of planning and running around, all of which we do, intentionally, with joy and lightness.


Many people expect us to be stressed and nervous before these events, and we never are.

We know that what’s important is people, and as our celebrations always include people we love and who love us, we have never understood how they could ever be a source of stress?

Anyway, this time we got tested.

The week before the event, when I was not only driving around town choosing balloons, decor, candy, desserts, centrepieces, outfits, shoes, etc., but also shopping for sleepover camp because my daughter’s bags had to shipped out the day before her Bat Mitzvah, our van broke down.

My husband waited in the hot sun for over an hour for CAA to tow it to the service station, where we were told it would need almost $1000 of repairs.

Had we brought it in earlier, it would have cost less, but I was given the wrong advice by the first technician.

Then, three days before our event, the weather forecast, which was growing more and more ominous, switched from a likelihood of showers to thunderstorms…

We had no Plan B for the party, and 130 people in our house with caterers and food stations and bars would be really squashy.

We’re not great believers in having Plan Bs because we always believe that things will work out for us.

And of course, they always do.

I chose to believe this:

I am being tested, and all I have to do to pass is be pleasant to everyone and handle this all with grace.

And that’s what I did.

My sister lent me her car.

We got the van fixed.

We moved the party to the bright, airy school gym, where they gave us everything we needed for a stunning celebration, and friends stepped in to help us switch over. It remained a meaningful venue, as it’s where my children have been nurtured and educated here for the past 16 years, and where we’ve met many of our closest friends.

Looking back, I honestly can’t remember a moment of stress throughout all this.

My thought was ‘this is all working out exactly as it is meant to’ and ‘the only thing that matters here are my people’.

I’m so proud of who we are as a family.

Not one of us made a fuss or even suggested that any of this was a problem.

We all know what’s important, and none of that was affected by weather, or unexpected expenses or events.

I love love love how my life gives me moments where I get to consider and reaffirm everything that I hold to be important, and to gratefully celebrate that that is exactly where I am placing all my attention.

In that spirit, I want you to know that you are included in my people, and that the purpose of my blog today is to tell you how much I appreciate you being in my life, and to tell you that no matter what is happening for you right now, it is all working out exactly as it is meant to.

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Today’s a tough day, and that’s OK

I’ve been watching myself feel all day today.

It’s not so much fun, I tell ya.

I woke up feeling ‘happy for no reason’ – love it when that happens.

And I had a great day planned – couple hours of work I love, then shopping date with my daughter and a good friend to buy colourful and pretty stuff for her upcoming Bat Mitzvah, followed by lunch, and then dress shopping with another daughter (yep I have 3. and a son. so lucky), followed by dinner at friends. So it should have been a winner all round.

But at some point in the day, I started to feel disgruntled, and dissatisfied, and then, surprise, I felt the urge to eat.

I don’t eat in between meals – it’s a commitment I made to myself a long time ago, and I’m focused on becoming a person who keeps my commitments to myself.

So instead, I watch myself crave.

I let whatever thoughts want to float into consciousness be there, and whatever emotions and sensations arise in my body be there too.

Most of the time, being with myself is an OK place to be – if you ever pass me in the street or store, you’ll notice that I talk to myself all the time, and it’s usually positive and optimistic stuff, and I’m smiling and sometimes laughing with myself. This may sound strange to you, but I think what’s even stranger is that other people think they have to wait to be with someone else to have a laugh or a great conversation 😉

But not today – today there aren’t really any words – there’s just disgruntled. dull.

And you know what, I can handle that.

I can handle whatever I bring myself on any day.

I know I won’t eat, even though a part of me really wants to.

But the part of me that’s in charge, as long as I stay present, knows that what I really want is to be a person who keeps her promises to herself.

It’s a beautiful thing to know that you can be with yourself no matter what.

You may think this is too hard for you, because your thoughts are too ugly, and your feelings too hateful.

And it may hurt.

But here’s what happens, when you commit to staying with yourself, which means no eating when your body isn’t asking for fuel, you start to notice that all your thoughts come and go, even the hateful ones, and that in between is peace, or silence, or a smile.

If you’d eaten the minute you wanted to numb the hateful, you would have missed that smile.

Staying present – you get all of it.

Numb with food – you rob yourself of all of it.

I know which I’m choosing  – you?


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Stop looking outside yourself – you are already complete

I’m BACK from My Bearable Lightness of Being retreat in Bodega Bay!

It was MAGICAL – five very fun, rowdy and unmanageable women who taught me more than I taught them! I fell madly in love with every one of them, and we all fell in love with us as a group.

Theresa messaged me after to suggest that I should offer a follow-up program in order to ‘monetize my retreats’. She attached a link to a free webinar that would teach me how to do just that – if I signed up for the paid program the free webinar would be selling, I’m sure.

I love her so much for looking out for me.

I thanked her and told her that I offer my retreats with love and get so much from them, and that it’s never felt good to me to sell one program with the intention of getting you to buy another one after that. I know it’s what they teach in all selling programs, but it feels ick to me so I don’t do it.

My intention is to sell a program, deliver ten times more value than you paid, and give you everything I’ve got during that program.

If you want more after, I’ll always accommodate your desire for more personal growth and development, of course 😉

The reason I’m telling you this is that many entrepreneurs spend more time studying how other entrepreneurs do it than creating and building their own business.

Likewise, many of my weight loss clients spend more time studying different weight loss programs than preparing nourishing foods.

In both cases, this creates separation from their own intuition about how to achieve their goal in a way that’s in line with their uniqueness.

Because marketing is done online these days, and often poses as posts within our social media feeds, we have no protection.

If people were constantly knocking on our front door and offering us free programs to ‘monetize our retreats’ or ‘lose 10lbs of fat in 10 days’, we’d stop opening the door, or, if we were polite, we’d open it and say ‘no thank you’.

When was the last time you said YES to an unsolicited phone marketing call? If you even answered?

But if it appears on our screen, and it’s shiny and full of promises, we believe it. Even if it doesn’t resonate with our intuition.

I have a suggestion for you.

Fair warning: it’s going to sound extreme. But you can always go backwards.

Unsubscribe from every newsletter and blog. Now. Except this one of course.

Here’s why – your inner wisdom is subtle – it speaks to you softly, and if you’re busy with loud, bossy ads and posts and videos, it’s message will be drowned out.

And you won’t hear the inner knowing telling you ‘yes, do this’ or ‘no, that feels wrong for us’.

You can still research – it’s all available to you via Google whenever you want specific information related to your project.

This way you will be the driver – you’ll decide how you want to lose weight, or the energy you want to bring to your retreat, and  then you can seek out the information that guides you to your goal.

Your way.

I did this a year ago and I have never looked back. Even the ones I loved.

My business has exploded since I took charge of what information is on my screen (and in my head), and I’ve found that my inner wisdom speaks a bit more loudly these days.

It’s crazy – I’ll say to myself ‘my coaching is getting a bit stale – I need an injection’, and a few days later I’ll get an offer that provides me with daily coaching inspiration, while paying me!

Or ‘I’m interested in corporate opportunities’ and within a month I bump into two personal connections who are heading companies that would benefit from my expertise.

I don’t think that any of the business newsletters or blogs I used to follow would have led me to this – I don’t even think I would have noticed the opportunities being offered to me, because my head would have been filled with all the ways that someone else, who doesn’t even know me, told me what I should be doing to grow my business.

Similarly, my clients who don’t read anything about weight loss, and just follow my recommendations, are not only losing crazy amounts of weight, they’ve stopped even thinking about their weight or their food. Which is exactly my goal for them.

Where in your life are you allowing bossy, noisy online voices, who don’t even know you, to drown out your inner voice?

Unsubscribe today.

But not to me. I’m not bossy am I? Don’t ask my friends or family OK. Well, I’m not bossy online. I don’t think….

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Please don’t eat to please your host

I’ve coached on this subject three times this week – clients who have committed to my bodymindsoul cleanse or their eating protocol and they’ve been invited out for dinner.

They want to decide, before they get there, that they’re going to break their commitment  because they don’t want to offend or hurt their host.


It’s not possible to please your host, and it’s equally impossible to offend your host.

You can’t please anyone but yourself, and you can’t hurt or offend anyone but yourself.

YOUR feelings are ALWAYS a direct result of whatever YOU’RE thinking at the time.

And your HOST’S feeling are ALWAYS a direct result of whatever THEY’RE thinking at the time.

If your host notices that you aren’t eating and gets offended, it’s not because you didn’t eat the food they spent all day preparing. It’s because they’re thinking “She doesn’t like my food” or “She doesn’t care about how I feel” or “She doesn’t value the time and effort I put into this meal”.

So yes, it’s true that your host may feel offended if you don’t eat their food. And they may blame it on you. But that doesn’t mean it’s your fault. They just don’t know yet that only their thoughts cause their feelings.

But you do, if you’ve been with me for a while.

And my clients certainly do – it’s the main thing I teach them, over and over.

So you need to take responsibility for the only feelings in the world you CAN control, which are your own, and leave the rest to the people responsible for them.

Now, let’s talk about how you feel when you break your commitment to yourself.

That’s pretty hurtful, no?

It could feel a bit like you don’t value yourself, or care enough about yourself.

Makes no sense to overeat to please someone you can’t please,

by ignoring the commitment you made to the only person you can please.

Thank your host, compliment the food, be curious about the recipes and ingredients, tell them how much you appreciate all their effort, love on them every way you can,

And eat all the foods on your protocol or cleanse, and none of the foods that aren’t.

And feel the love you have created for yourself, and trust your host to take care of whatever emotions she has created for herself.

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